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Overview of Stericycle’s healthcare reputation management solution

Reputation Management

Reputation management helps patients find, choose, and endorse your healthcare providers

Help patients find, choose, and endorse you with our healthcare reputation management solution.

Today’s healthcare consumers shop for providers in ways very similar to how they shop for other products and services. They begin their search online, create a list of potential providers, and then choose one influenced by recommendations, reviews, and ratings.

We can help you get found, be chosen, and grow your number of reviews as well as your practice or health system.

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Grow your healthcare practice by reaching, attracting, and retaining patient

Seamlessly integrating digital and voice services, our Reputation Management solution helps you win the battle for organic search, get chosen, and gain endorsements that build trust, increase advocacy, and improve the patient experience.

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Gather online reviews automatically to boost your search engine rankings and attract and convert prospective patients quickly.

Get real-time responses and notifications for new reviews
Ask additional questions based on patient responses through private, two-way conversations
Quickly determine your Net Promoter Score and track feedback by location or department
Monitor and measure your competitive position, and see how your number of reviews and Google rating stack up against other providers

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Create a single source of truth with accurate and robust profiles for providers, locations, clinical expertise, accepted insurance, and other information to better match patients with providers.

Manage and optimize provider data with flexible provider profiles
Showcase information consumers want to see about your providers and your facilities
Highlight clinical expertise, health plan and network participation, medical education and research programs, and more
Match patients with the right providers in the right venue to improve consumer satisfaction and revenue

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Customize campaigns and capture patient feedback with automated or live voice inbound and outbound calls, email, and text messaging to provide the best intelligence quickly.

Collect more customer satisfaction survey responses faster—in minutes, not months
Develop customized patient satisfaction campaigns using automated and live voice communications, including inbound and outbound calls, email, and text
Gather actionable insights to improve operations and your brand value

Reputation Management Use Cases

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Today’s healthcare consumers start online

Consumers no longer rely on personal recommendations for selecting healthcare providers.

3 out of 4 online healthcare seekers begin their exploration at a search engine Google provides 3.5 billion searches per day

The choices people make today are heavily influenced by online reputation and that increasingly applies to healthcare providers. Of the healthcare consumers who consider performance and results to be important:

82% value ratings provided by organization like Healthgrades or U.S. News & World Report
64% value consumer and patient ratings on social media ratings profiles

Our partners

Our unique partnerships extend our Reputation Management solution to help you get found and chosen while improving the accuracy of your online data.

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The most comprehensive patient engagement platform in the industry

Combine healthcare Reputation Management with other Stericycle solutions such as Referral Management, Communication & Reminders, Post-Discharge Services, and Health & Wellness Campaigns to modernize patient access, action, and adherence.

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