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Referral Management

Details on Stericycle’s medical referral management software

Close the referral loop and free up staff

Referrals can be a stressful transition for patients, especially those with issues that hinder access to care. While non-adherence to referrals is a major contributor to poor health outcomes, managing referrals can be a time-consuming task for your front office staff.

Stericycle’s medical referral management solution can help you bring more referred patients through your front door and effectively and efficiently transition them to the next step in their care.

Stericycle’s Referral Management service helps make care transitions seamless

Make patient referral transitions seamless

Whether the referral is primary care provider to specialist, specialist to specialist, or provider to diagnostic service, our Referral Management solution helps you optimize the use of staff resources while closing the referral loop.

Engage patients in their preferred language for improved patient satisfaction and referral adherence. Multilingual experts answer your toll-free number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to help patients complete referrals and adhere to their care plans to improve health outcomes.

Appointment reminder
Free up your front office by sending out automated referral reminders with links to self-schedule or call for an appointment. Integration with our Communication & Reminders solution sends automatic reminders to patients to complete orders for diagnostics and referrals to specialists.

Incoming provider call

Let our experts handle your inbound referral management calls via our owned and managed 800 numbers.

Free up your front office staff and reduce operational costs for referral follow-ups
Rely on our friendly, professional patient experience experts who support your brand and deliver a consistent patient experience

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Use proactive outbound calling, integrated with referral management queues in your EHR, to coordinate care for patients, retain them within your health system, and improve their adherence to referrals.

hipaa compliant
Keep patients and providers connected throughout the care journey with HIPAA-compliant data capture and communications.

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Making connections to close the patient referral loop

“We wanted to improve connection points with neighboring clinics and PCPs. We have met this goal with Stericycle Referral Management while bringing significant additional revenue to our hospital.”

— Ken Keller, CEO, Bakersfield Memorial Hospital

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The most comprehensive patient engagement software platform in the industry

Combine Referral Management with other Stericycle solutions such as Reputation Management, Intelligent Scheduling, Communication & Reminders, Post-Discharge Services, and Health & Wellness Campaigns to modernize patient access, action, and adherence.

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