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Post-Discharge Services

Details on Stericycle’s post-discharge hospital readmissions reduction program

Reduce readmissions and improve outcomes

Few patients fully understand their diagnosis and post-discharge instructions after a visit to the emergency department. To prevent avoidable situations where patients are readmitted, it’s crucial to implement proactive, early intervention.

Our post-discharge follow-up service helps hospitals and care centers manage patient care immediately following discharge, serving as an early intervention solution that can help reduce readmission and prevent CMS penalties.

Carenet helps hospitals manage patient follow-up

Manage patient post-discharge follow-ups

Using personalized clinical outreach services and customized escalation protocols, we can help you reduce hospital readmissions, increase attendance at follow-up appointments, and improve HCAHPS scores and health outcomes.

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Connect with patients or their caregivers within 24 to 48 hours of discharge and after a scheduled follow-up appointment.

Establish an understanding of the patient's recovery within 24 to 48 hours of discharge
Gauge compliance and identify patients who need additional attention

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Get the range of qualitative and quantitative feedback you need, including open-ended questions, and evaluate and track results with documentation to help improve HCAHPS scores.

Route calls to clinical or non-clinical teams based on patient responses to customized survey prompts matched to your facility's objectives
Customize post-discharge survey questions to garner the range of qualitative and quantitative feedback you need to report
Pose open-ended questions to evaluate and track qualitative feedback

Patient escalation protocols

Provide real-time escalation by connecting patients to our clinical agents who can quickly access emergency medical services whenever a critical question or matter arises.

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Clarify post-discharge instructions, medication administration, and care plan questions with our clinical experts.

Fill in gaps or patient misunderstandings
Provide advice from our clinical agents and your healthcare staff, or a referral to an outpatient physician instead of choosing to return to the emergency department
Track a patient's medications, including drug name, dosage, and frequency, and route to help your pharmacists evaluate patient medications for adverse effects

Analytics portal login

Capture trend information by category, measure care initiatives, share patient feedback, and escalate patient needs in real time from a secure online portal. Access real-time reporting and call data to evaluate service performance and identify areas of improvement.

Patient Discharge Use Cases

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40% reduction in readmission rates

In the first year of introducing Carenet Post-Discharge Services, a large Texas health system saw a 40% reduction in care center and hospital readmission rates when comparing patients who completed the post-discharge process compared to those who didn’t.

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The most comprehensive patient engagement platform in the industry

Combine Post-Discharge Services with other Carenet solutions such as Reputation Management, Intelligent Scheduling, Referral Management, Communication & Reminders, and Health & Wellness Campaigns to modernize patient access, action, and adherence.

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Modernize Patient Engagement

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