Our industry-leading appointment reminder product, is the most effective on the market. We deliver highly effective appointment reminders via email, voice, and text that reflect your organizational values and voice, ensuring a unique and personal patient experience each and every time.

Each automated communication can be partially or entirely customized. By securely integrating with and pulling information from your system, PatientPrompt’s reminders can be tailored to your patient’s demographics, appointment type, location, department, and provider preference. Patients’ responses and confirmations are efficiently communicated with your staff, ensuring they are always kept up-to-date.

Automated appointment reminders help:

  • Reduce no-show rates
  • Ensure customers show up prepared and on time
  • Boost customer satisfaction rates
  • Track and record all responses
  • Update your system in real-time
  • Reduce staff workload
  • Improve your bottom line
  • Increase schedule density

With PatientPrompt you can customize a reminder’s:

  • Delivery method
  • Delivery protocols
  • “Send from” information
  • Arrival times
  • Necessary items
  • Preparation instructions
  • Patient action items
  • Temporary notifications

Case Study

After adopting PatientPrompt, Madison Avenue Radiology Center’s no-show rate reduced dramatically from 20% to 7.5%.

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