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Stericycle’s patient scheduling service

Intelligent Scheduling

Details on Stericycle’s medical appointment scheduling software

Give patients the healthcare scheduling experience they want

When they need care, healthcare consumers want the same kind of convenience, choice, and engagement they get from retail and other interactions. Give them what they want while directing them to the right provider and venue of care, at the right time.

Our patient scheduling system helps you attract new patients, retain existing ones, fill schedules, and improve access to care in the venues and communication channels that consumers want and need.

Help patients schedule, confirm, or reschedule appointments

Help patients schedule, confirm, or reschedule appointments in the right care venue and channel

The only company offering both the convenience of digital self-scheduling and live voice scheduling, our HIPAA-compliant medical appointment solution is simple and convenient for patients to use. At the same time, our patient appointment scheduling platform delivers the power, flexibility, and scalability growing health systems need.

Online search for doctor

Help patients find the best provider for their needs with an easy-to-use, yet powerful search capability.

Enable search by location, appointment type, insurance, and date/time range, and filter results by provider gender, languages spoken, clinicians taking new patients, and more
Optimize the patient journey by making it easier for patients to find the right provider and schedule an appointment

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Meet the needs of all your patients and satisfy consumers who still prefer to book appointments by phone.

Deliver a caring experience by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year with our professional live voice scheduling services (inbound and outbound) — eliminating phone tag for patients and your staff
Remove the scheduling burden from your staff and reduce scheduling errors
Fill schedule gaps to optimize patient access and provider productivity

Help patients choose the right venue of care

Improve patient access while reducing costs with triage capabilities that guide patients to the proper care venue.

Help patients choose the proper venue based on their self-reported symptoms with online, self-guided triage
Improve patient access while reducing your cost to serve and overutilization of the emergency department

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Better understand patient expectations and trends through detailed reporting and analytics.

Gain insight into patient demographics, volume, and new patient mix
Identify which channels drive the best results for your facilities

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Deliver a branded look and feel, with full control over the patient experience. Optimize efficiency and productivity through integration with your EHR, CRM, and revenue cycle management systems.

Customize the patient experience using the administrative console to easily incorporate logos, color palette, and other assets to match your brand identity
Take advantage of integration with most EHR, CRM, and revenue cycle management systems for optimal efficiency, fewer errors, better coordination of complex care flows, and greater scheduling accuracy

Use cases

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Setting new record highs for appointments

According to Healthcare IT News, Ascension, a St. Louis, Missouri-based health system that operates in 21 states and the District of Columbia, achieved a 72.5% increase in urgent care online visits scheduled and 100,000 additional visits in one year after implementing Stericycle Intelligent Scheduling.

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The most comprehensive patient engagement platform in the industry

Combine Intelligent Scheduling with other Stericycle solutions such as Reputation Management, Referral Management, Communication & Reminders, Post-Discharge Services, and Health & Wellness Campaigns to modernize patient access, action, and adherence.

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