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Overview of Stericycle’s patient education, health and wellness campaigns

Health & Wellness Campaigns

Details on Stericycle’s patient education programs and outreach technology

Keep patients informed, educated, and engaged

Our patient engagement technology can help you manage highly complex and personalized patient education and outreach initiatives to address concerns around value-based care mandates, increased rates of chronic disease, and other complex emerging issues.

Stericycle helps maximize quality scores and engagement

Maximize quality scores and revenue

Using a blend of live communication and convenient digital interactions, our patient education and outreach solution helps you keep them engaged in their health and management of their conditions, while increasing revenue and patient satisfaction scores

Pre-visit instructions patient messaging

Help patients attend appointments and receive necessary care such as preventative care screenings, wellness visits, vaccines, and disease-specific and general education programs.

Tailor phone outreach to the MIPS measures you care about most, including preventative care such as lab work, vaccines, annual appointments, and screenings
Create outreach campaigns specifically targeted to a subset of your patient population (e.g., seasonal flu shots, wellness checks, etc.)
Attract new patients to your practice and build patient loyalty by promoting and scheduling wellness visits, health screenings, vaccinations, and more
Connect older patients with a registered dietician or accredited diabetes group instructor with guidance from our highly trained patient experience professionals

Mobile patient scheduling

Combine Health & Wellness Campaigns with our Intelligent Scheduling solution to help patients schedule, confirm, or reschedule appointments with digital self-service and professional live voice scheduling.

Deliver a caring experience via phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
Encourage patients to schedule and attend necessary and preventative care appointments such as lab work, annual appointments, and precautionary screenings
Improve compliance and patient satisfaction, and positively impact reimbursement

Patient appointment reminder to complete forms
Help remind patients of upcoming appointments using interactive texting, outbound IVR, short code replies, and live voice services.

Broadcast message via text
Communicate important information such as weather-related delays, doctor unavailability, wellness initiatives, and discounts to large audiences quickly and efficiently.

Patient Education and Outreach Use Cases

skier on the mountain

The most comprehensive patient engagement platform in the industry

Combine Health & Wellness Campaigns with other Stericycle technology solutions such as Reputation Management, Intelligent Scheduling, Referral Management, Communication & Reminders, and Post-Discharge Services to modernize patient access, action, and adherence.

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