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Communication & Reminders

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Reduce patient no-shows

Appointment no-shows are just as bad for your patients as they are for your health system. A break in the continuity of care can lead to poor health outcomes, while empty appointment slots negatively impact revenue and your cost of delivering care.

We can help you reduce no-shows, increase patient loyalty, and improve health outcomes.

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Drive action and adherence

With Stericycle Communication & Reminders, you can communicate efficiently and effectively with automated text, email, professional recorded voice, and live agent messages for appointment reminders, billing reminders, preparation instructions, broadcast messages, and more.

Multi-language texting

Communicate with patients in their preferred language to drive patient satisfaction and adherence to treatment plans, including appointment attendance, diagnostic order fulfillment, medications, and more.

Multiple appointments reminder bundle
Prevent message overload by bundling multiple, upcoming reminders into a single communication.

Interactive text message
Keep patients and providers connected throughout the care journey with interactive texting through text replies ('C' to confirm, 'R' to reschedule, etc.), outbound IVR, and short code replies.

Broadcast message via text
Communicate important information such as weather-related delays, doctor unavailability, wellness initiatives, and discounts to large audiences quickly and efficiently.

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Make it easy for patients to take action by using pre-recorded messages that prompt recipients to press 1 for an agent and transfer the patient back to your health system's call center or ours.

Use cases

appointment reminers iconappointment reminers icon
Appointment Reminders
Remind, confirm, and reschedule appointments.
appointment preparation iconappointment preparation icon
Appointment Preparation & Instructions
Efficiently communicate appointment preparation (e.g. fast for 8 hours) and other instructions such as telehealth education and troubleshooting, onsite maps and services, and product recalls.
no show iconno show icon
No-Show Notifications
When a patient is a no-show for an appointment, send a message with a link or phone number to reschedule.
mass notifications iconmass notifications icon
Mass Notifications
Send notifications regarding office closures, bad weather, open enrollment, etc.
personalized notifications iconpersonalized notifications icon
Personalized Notifications
Notify patients of appointment bookings, glasses and contact lens pick-ups, prescription pick-ups, office relocation information, changes to hours of operation, policy changes, COVID-19 updates, and more.
order referral adherence iconorder referral adherence icon
Order/Referral Adherence
Remind patients to complete orders for diagnostic services (e.g., mammogram, colonoscopy, imaging) and to schedule appointments with specialists.
population health managementpopulation health management
Population Health Management
Send preventative health messages for needed physicals, follow-up appointments, and tests, and measure patients’ physical and mental states.
promotions iconpromotions icon
Promote events and offerings such as COVID-19 testing, flu/shingles/immunization vaccinations, specialty campaigns (e.g. mammography), offers and discounts, open house events, fundraising events, classes, and other events.
alerts iconalerts icon
Send out surgery updates for family members, waitlist information, and MyChart updates/messages.
employee communication iconemployee communication icon
Employee Communications
Keep your staff up to date with information about talent acquisition, employee orientation, schedules, extra shifts, furlough updates, board meeting reminders, and unexpected staffing requirements (emergency/code red planning).
virtual waiting room iconvirtual waiting room icon
Virtual Waiting Room
Allow patients to wait somewhere other than the waiting room with check-in confirmation, notification of when it’s time to enter the facility, and instructions for where to go and what to do once they enter the waiting room.
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60% reduction in no-shows

Stericycle Communication & Reminders reduced the no-show rate at Boston Children’s Hospital, from 20% to 8%, while improving engagement with multi-language support.

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The most comprehensive patient engagement platform in the industry

Combine Communication & Reminders with other Stericycle solutions such as Reputation Management, Intelligent Scheduling, Referral Management, Post-Discharge Services, and Health & Wellness Campaigns to modernize patient access, action, and adherence.

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