By Jackie Sciaudone | Mar. 25, 2019

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Today, donors want more access to your organization. We live in a time where consumers have easy multiple channel access to most organizations, and their donor experience shouldn’t be any different. Nonprofits that provide personalized attention to their donors and ensure their experiences are donor-centric, are most likely to succeed. Below, we’ve outlined what your donor experience should look like in 2019.

  • Utilize CRM
    Technology is constantly changing and improving—and so is the way that people prefer to interact with your organization. One of the easiest tools to simplify donor experiences and create greater awareness for your cause is with a customer relationship management (CRM) tool. The information that is housed in your CRM can create stronger fundraising campaigns and better match donors’ previous giving trends. When Alpha Chi Rho, a men’s fraternity, utilized a CRM tool and revitalized their donor experience, they grew their donor base by 41 percent and increased giving by 25 percent, in just one year. Knowing the preferences of your donors allows you to optimize fundraising potential and foster loyal donors.
  • Become Donor-Centric
    Is there a difference between being donor-focused and donor-centric? The answer is yes. One focuses on your organization and the work you do, while the other focuses on the donor and the impact they have. Having donor-focused experiences keeps your donors on the outside of your organization; they’re not a part of the process. However, donor-centric experiences put donors at the heart of everything you do. It means that you’re thinking like a donor, asking for their opinion, putting their wants and needs first, and creating new ways for them to connect with you. With donor expectations on the rise, it’s important that your nonprofit creates personalized experiences.
  • Create A Digital Experience
    To foster a long-lasting donor relationship, you need the proper technology. No longer is door-to-door fundraising or direct mail campaigns the only success tactics for your nonprofit. Utilizing technology, such as text messaging and social media, will help drive fundraising efforts, while also bringing more awareness to your cause. With text messages, you can deliver quick updates to donors on upcoming events, important news, and even include an embedded link to your donation site. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook all provide a way for your nonprofit to showcase the impact it has on the community. Social media provides the ability to spread awareness, encourage volunteer opportunities, and boost donations.  

2019 isn’t the year that you continue to utilize the same efforts from the previous years; it’s the year to revolutionize your donor experience, boost fundraising efforts, and foster loyal donors. If technology is constantly improving, then your organization should, too. By taking full advantage of technology, you can improve donor experiences, reach more donors through multiple communication channels, and increase your fundraising potential. See how our team can help add heart to your donor experiences!

Jackie Sciaudone

Author: Jackie Sciaudone

Jackie Sciaudone is a Marketing Associate at Stericycle Communication Solutions. She creates content, while focusing on digital strategy for social media platforms. Jackie is a graduate of Ball State University where she obtained a degree in Marketing. Her favorite pastimes include traveling, fashion, and all things golf-related.