By Tasha Goodman | Sep. 23, 2019

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At first glance, using a llama as the mascot for a communications company sounds cute, trendy, and fun. While those things are true, there is a deeper meaning to our madness.

  1. Why A Llama?

    Llamas (Lama Glama) appeared in South America about 40 million years ago, and were domesticated around 4,000 B.C. The Incan Empire used llamas in a variety of ways. They were not only the perfect beast of burden; they could also produce wool, meat, fertilizer, and companionship.

    Llamar, Spanish (verb) – To Call.

    Llama (noun) – A domesticated pack animal of the Camel family found in the Andes, valued for its soft, woolly fleece.

    Calling is a lot of what we do. In fact, we serve over 12,000 clients a year, and many of those take advantage of our call center capabilities. With Stericycle Communication Solutions, you can leave the after-hours work to us and get back to what matters most.

  2. Seriously, A Llama?

    “Legend has it, Spaniards who had never seen llamas before asked what they were called (Como se llama?), and so the Incans thought llama was the Spanish name for the animals. According to the BBC however, this story is not quite accurate. In fact, the expression llama was there before the Spanish arrived. It’s of Quechuan origin and was borrowed by many languages, together with other Quechuan words such as condor or puma.”

    Mental Floss:

  3. But Really, Why A Llama?

    So, enough with the science and Spanish lessons. There are other reasons llamas and Stericycle Communication Solutions make a great team. Llamas are enduring, adaptable pack animals that are easy to train. They are social and load-bearing, as well as gentle and clean. Llamas make great companions. And if those reasons don’t tickle your fancy, they’re woolly cute. And to be honest, that is the most important reason Viollet is our first spokesllama.

Want more evidence that a llama and Stericycle Communication Solutions is the pair of the century? Check out our infographic and our other blogs dedicated to our spokesllama, Viollet.

Tasha Goodman

Author: Tasha Goodman

Tasha (short “a” like cash, apple or alligator) is a graphic designer at Stericycle Communication Solutions. She creates sales collateral, custom illustrations and thought leadership pieces. She resides in Indianapolis with her husband. Her favorite pastimes include managing her dog Ruby’s Instagram page, doing anything creative, traveling and trying to ‘Joanna Gaines’ her house as much as possible.