By Stericycle Staff | Sep. 29, 2014

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With the demand for home health services consistently rising, independently operated organizations and larger networks and agencies alike are all facing increased patient volumes. With limited staff and resources, many of these organizations are struggling to properly communicate with their patients and maintain efficient business operations.

In order to provide top-notch patient care while remaining viable in an increasingly competitive environment, home healthcare organizations must connect and engage with their patients, ensuring they receive high-quality care and have compassionate experiences throughout the entire continuum. What’s more, they must also properly manage their business processes and continue to promote growth.

In a recent Home Health Care News article, Rich Press discusses six ways that home health agencies can leverage call center and communication services to better serve patients while simultaneously improving staff workflow, allocating skilled resources and bring in new business.

From providing a live voice to customers and fielding their urgent calls to automating appointment reminders and improving staff efficiencies, home health organizations leveraging these services can be better equipped to compassionately interact with their patients and respond appropriately to their varied needs.

To learn more about how call and communication services can benefit your home health organization, as well as the tools you can use to develop such a communication program, read the full article here.

To find out how Stericycle Communication Solutions can help your home health organization build and implement a strategy to support patient communication, enhance patient engagement, increase patient satisfaction and improve outcomes, contact us for more information.


Author: Stericycle Staff

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