By Stericycle Staff | May. 31, 2016

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…And They’ll Choose Providers Who Offer It Over Those Who Don’t.

We live in a society that values ease of access. Need to book travel? Just hop online – from any device at any time of day or night – and, in just a few clicks of the keyboard, you’re good to go. Want to reserve restaurant seating or schedule a hair appointment, or even sign-up to volunteer at your kid’s school? The process is often the same.

What if healthcare operated in this same way? What if patients could “buy” healthcare services like they do so many other things? With online self-scheduling on your hospital or health system’s website, they can. Research tells us that patients want this kind of access and even weigh the availability of online scheduling when deciding where to go for care.

According to a study by SureScripts, when evaluating two comparable doctors, 44% of patients will choose a doctor that allows them to schedule appointments online. In addition, when providers make administration tasks, like appointment scheduling, digital:

  • 68% of patients say they feel relief
  • 65% feel a sense of confidence
  • 55% feel comfort

The good news (because we love good news!): Implementing online self-scheduling doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when you work with a partner that understands that – whether implementing online self-scheduling in a stand-alone ED or enterprise-wide for multi-state health system – thorough planning, clear communications and comprehensive training are key.

Want to learn more about our proven, provider-friendly approach to implementing online self-scheduling? We hope so.

Stericycle Staff

Author: Stericycle Staff

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