By Kelsey Musick | Jan. 07, 2019

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The new year is here. And with it, comes the opportunity to recommit to the quality of your customer experiences. Ensuring that customer experiences are as optimal as possible right from the start is imperative. But few organizations can accomplish this on their own. Leveraging the right communication partner can help ensure that your strategy is poised to create a fruitful year ahead.

The benefits of identifying communication challenges plaguing your business are too numerous to count. There’s no better time than the beginning of a new year to further develop your strategy to alleviate the negative affect of communication challenges. No matter the size of your business, customer experiences determine your success – and because of this, their improvement is crucial.  

Commitment to ensuring exceptional customer experiences benefits your business holistically – internally and externally, short and long-term. Here are some ways a communications partner can help you achieve and maintain optimal customer experiences with the new customer-centric mindset. Because not being customer-centric is the biggest threat to any business.

  1. Observe. Customer experiences can take place in person, over the phone, on the internet, through social media – the ways in this digital age can feel endless. Keeping an eye on metrics is a good first step. By keeping track of metrics such as customer effort, satisfaction, and churn, and frequently checking them, you can get a clearer idea of where your customer experiences presently sit, and from there, take steps to improve them.
  2. Identify Access Points. Access points are where your customers most frequently reach out to you. Identifying these points of interaction across various locations is a key step in uncovering potential gaps in your customer experiences. Different access points can be follow-up reminders, digital scheduling, answering services, appointment reminders, and even message broadcast.
  3. Set Goals. While personal resolutions are often made when a new year rolls around, quarterly and yearly goals are equally important when it comes to aligning your business. When customers are forced to deal with inconsistency, it is often due to strategies that are misaligned. Goals need to be clear. Clear goals will help ensure positive results.
  4. Initiating Your Plan. If you want to see your goals achieved, aligning your plan with them is necessary. Asking customers what they want via surveys and other feedback methods will help ensure you are hearing their voice and implementing it into your plans. After having compared what your customers expect to what support they are presently receiving, you can make a plan that creates a culture where customer experiences can improve and thrive.

Through these steps, your business can reengineer and standardize communication expectations and processes. Connecting with the right communications partner can help ensure that the above process is a smooth and fruitful one, from the research to initiating your plan.

Kelsey Musick

Author: Kelsey Musick

Kelsey Musick is a Marketing Associate for Stericycle Communication Solutions. She creates and edits content while finding new and inventive ways to market the Stericycle brand. She is a Purdue University graduate with a degree in English. In addition to writing, Kelsey enjoys attending theatre productions, reading, and traveling.