By Stericycle Staff | May. 16, 2016

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The largest generation in the United States (outnumbering boomers by 7.7 million) and one with tremendous purchasing power, millennials are driving unprecedented change in healthcare. Change in how decisions are made. Change in how care is accessed. Change in how information is shared.

Change in how decisions are made. More than any other generation, millennials rely on information found online when making healthcare decisions. In fact, 54% search online for health information before seeing a doctor, and a whopping 90% trust medical information shared by others on their social media networks.

Change in how care is accessed. For millennials, convenience in healthcare is paramount. Nearly 75% value the ability to book online appointments when selecting a doctor, and 34% prefer the accessibility of retail clinics and acute care clinics to traditional physician practices.

Change in how information is shared. Millennials crave information and want access to digital health tools to enhance their patient experience. More than 70% are interested in their doctors using mobile devices during appointments to share information. And a significant majority prefers digital communications, such as texting and email, over traditional telephone and in-person communications.

What steps can your organization take now to get (and keep) the attention of the powerful millennial audience.

Make sure your website is search engine and mobile optimized. Doing so will help ensure that when millennials are shopping online for a healthcare provider, they find you and convert.

Leverage social media to position your providers as healthcare experts and community partners. Educational content, event reminders, and insights into your organization’s culture create positive sentiment.

Empower millennials to schedule into your services 24/7/365 with online self-scheduling via your website. They’re accustomed to “shopping” for other services in this way. Why not make scheduling an annual checkup or flu shot just as convenient?

Embrace email and text messaging to reach millennials where they’re at (on their smart phones!) with appointment reminders, preventive health reminders, and messaging to support disease management.

Welcome technology in your offices. Chances are your millennial patients have done their homework before stepping through your door…let them share it.

Millennials are, indeed, driving unprecedented change in healthcare. They want information, access and technology, technology, technology. Are you up for the change challenge? We can help.

Stericycle Staff

Author: Stericycle Staff

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