By Stericycle Staff | Feb. 19, 2016

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What do Uber, Shazam and Facebook – three of the most popular apps on the iTunes Apple Store – have in common? Each provides immediate access to their products and services, and allows for the rapid sharing of information. Each also caters to the most important demographic of the 21st century: the Alpha Daughter.

Who is the Alpha Daughter – and why should you care? She is the key decision maker for her household (making healthcare decisions for herself, her spouse, her kids and, often, aging parents), and, as such, it’s critical that your health system understands her needs and meets her expectations.

Alpha Daughters:

  • Use all available information53% of women decision makers think they can get the best health information from the Internet.
  • Are always busy – They don’t have time to spend on hold and want access to care when and how it’s most convenient for them.
  • Are tech savvy – They would rather go online than make a call.
  • Are communicative48% use at least one social networking site per day.
  • Influence approximately 20 people in their network of family, friends and colleagues.
  • Make 80% of all healthcare decisions.

The Alpha Daughter is looking online for physician reviews, provider details and improved access to care. Rather than calling to make an appointment, she’s looking for a fast and easy way to schedule appointments. Her busy schedule and desire for technology also means that she’s looking for text message appointment reminders. And when she’s done and her family has been taken care of, she’s going to share her experience with her friends (other Alpha Daughters) via word of mouth and social media.

If your organization is operating without online appointment scheduling and text message reminders to meet the needs of the Alpha Daughter, you’re missing out. InQuicker can help you capture (and keep) this important demographic.


Stericycle Staff

Author: Stericycle Staff

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