By Stericycle Staff | Oct. 15, 2014

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Meaningful Use Stage Two is officially underway, and many in the industry are making a significant effort to implement patient portals in order to meet electronic engagement initiatives. According to Stage Two, organizations must attest to having at least five percent of their patient population electronically viewing, downloading and transmitting health information via a portal.

That said, While portals do benefit certain members of a population, patients have varying communication preferences that portals don’t afford.

In order to meet the broader goals behind Meaningful Use, including keeping patients engaged, driving better clinical outcomes and enhancing the patient experience while improving efficiency, healthcare organizations need to look beyond just patient portals and toward a more holistic patient communication strategy.

In a recent Healthcare IT News article, Steve Whitehurst discusses the six considerations that healthcare organization’s should take into account when developing their overarching patient communication and engagement approach to meet Meaningful use requirements.

From identifying the communication needs of specific populations and respecting their preferences to experimenting with different methods, tools and technology, Whitehurst stresses the importance of not losing sight of the overarching Meaningful Use goals.

To learn more about how a multifaceted patient communication approach can benefit your organization, as well as the tools you can use to develop such a communication program, read the full article here.

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