By Tasha Goodman | Sep. 16, 2019

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Llamas aren’t just around to look cute and lighten our load. They have many eco-friendly qualities that make the world a cleaner, greener, more efficient place to live. You may think that has nothing to do with Stericycle Communications, but there are a herd of similarities that make them a perfect comparison.

  1. Leaves Non-Destructive Marks – Seamless Integration With Your Brand

    With a soft and leathery sole, the llama’s hoof ensures she leaves only a gentle reminder of her presence. In fact, the hoofprint leaves less harm than a hiking boot.

    Stericycle Communication Solutions does the same with your business. The ability to customize our services to your brand guidelines and train our call center agents to your specific business standards, your customers and patients will not be able to tell where your services end and ours begin. We act as a hoofprint of your company, an exact replica. Our powerful team and technology, only your imprint.

  2. Laying Roots – Grow Your Business

    Hoofprints are llamas’ way of helping take care of the planet. Llama manure, or llama beans, can be a much greener option than man-made fertilizer in many gardens or flowerbeds. It’s natural, so it reduces your carbon footprint, has a lower organic matter content than other manures allowing it to be placed directly on plants without fear of burning them. And, unlike other manure-based fertilizers, it’s odor free!

    Stericycle Communication Solutions’ team is like fertilizer to your business. We help you grow without fear of burning holes in your wallet and your workforce.  When your employees go home for the day, you can rest easy knowing we are taking care of your customer’s needs.

  3. Adapts To Climate – Moves With Your Needs

    Llamas are covered in thick, wooly fleece. Their coat naturally repels water and keeps their temperature regulated in harsh conditions. About every two years, llamas are sheered. Their wool provides material for sweaters, scarves, rugs, and other textiles. Using their fleece helps lessen the amount of synthetic materials that has to be produced. If it is cleaned properly, there is little to no waste in processing.

    Stericycle Communication Solutions’ agents are also adaptable. They are highly-trained for empathy and can follow a script you have written specifically for your organization. These skills help provide meaningful interactions and loyal customers.

The next time you see a llama, you can give her a big thanks for doing her part to help fight climate change. The grass is greener when Stericycle Communication Solutions is part of your pack. Learn more here.

Tasha Goodman

Author: Tasha Goodman

Tasha (short “a” like cash, apple or alligator) is a graphic designer at Stericycle Communication Solutions. She creates sales collateral, custom illustrations and thought leadership pieces. She resides in Indianapolis with her husband. Her favorite pastimes include managing her dog Ruby’s Instagram page, doing anything creative, traveling and trying to ‘Joanna Gaines’ her house as much as possible.