By Stericycle Staff | Mar. 20, 2015

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For years, we have heard that the U.S. healthcare system must transition from a sick care emphasis to a preventive care emphasis in order to keep the public healthier. By the 21st Century, out-of-control medical costs finally led to a movement toward population health management in anticipation of government-mandated healthcare reform that eventually emerged in the Affordable Care Act.

At the individual patient level, population health management often means focusing on wellness, which means balancing lifestyle and physical, spiritual, mental and social well-being. The idea is that many different aspects of our lives need to be optimized in order to give us an optimal health outcome.

How can health systems and physician practices promote and facilitate wellness? The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism (IHC) is a “collaborative environment focused exclusively on innovative health and benefit management” designed to allow stakeholders such as health system executives “to collaborate in effective ways that promote the growth of healthcare consumerism.”

Consumerism and wellness

Consumerism is a key consideration in regard to promoting wellness. As healthcare increasingly inches in the direction of consumer-focused services, patients are taking a more active role in their own interests and demanding higher-quality service and easier access to services—and bearing a greater burden of their own healthcare costs. So it’s in their best interest to live healthier lifestyles. The IHC was developed to help you design programs that facilitate individual patient wellness and, ultimately, positive population health outcomes.

A range of resources

  • The IHC offers many resources that executives can take advantage of to facilitate patient wellness via a consumer-first approach. These include:
  • HealthCare Consumerism University – a ‘virtual campus’ offering multi-media courses on healthcare consumerism
  • HealthCare Consumerism Radio – a forum in which listeners learn about the latest trends and best practices in healthcare consumerism
  • The IHC Forum Conference Series
  • HealthCare Consumerism Solutions – the official publication of The Institute, available in digital and print.
  • HealthCare Consumerism Outlook – an annual digital and print publication with important insights from industry thought leaders, CEOs and senior executives
  • HealthCare Consumerism Newsletters –these include recent blogs posts on healthcare consumerism

Class and Event Registration supports wellness initiatives

Another important aspect of facilitating patient wellness and ensuring positive population health outcomes is offering wellness classes and events. It can be difficult for health systems to support events, however. Someone needs to keep track of registrations and cancellations. Additionally, the ability to track return on the investment in these events is a plus. We offer Class and Event Registration support that can ease the administrative burden that accompanies launching such an initiative. Contact us today to learn more.

Stericycle Staff

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