By Jackie Sciaudone | May. 02, 2019

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With opening day for every Major League Baseball team over, it means it’s officially baseball season. Just like every baseball player that steps up to home plate, your organization should always be aiming for a home run in terms of customer experience. A home run may not happen every time, but it’s all about the effort to always be aiming for exceptional customer experiences. Below, we’ve outlined four ways to ensure that you get a home run this season!

  • Emotional Connection
    Living in a technological-savvy world doesn’t mean that consumers want zero human interaction. In fact, 70 percent of consumers still desire human interaction during their customer journey. People are able to focus on building a connection with customers that isn’t possible with technology. When customers feel connected, they are likely to become loyal to your business and continue to support you. However, having human connection doesn’t mean your business should lack digital resources. At the heart of every great customer experience is perfect synergy between human empathy and digital engagement.
  • Digital Resources
    Thanks to technological advancement, consumers are more digitally-connected than ever before. This presents a unique opportunity for businesses to leverage this connectivity to provide memorable customer experiences via smartphones and other mobile devices. For example, providing busy customers with the option to manage their account and place orders while they’re on the go is critical to creating desirable customer experiences. Customers want experiences that are convenient and easy-to-access, no matter where they might be or what they might be doing.
  • Personalization
    If you still think that customer experiences are ‘one size fits all,’ then it might be time for you to do some research. Today, consumers want experiences that are personalized to their unique needs and wants. In fact, 63 percent of consumers now expect some degree of personalization as a baseline standard of service. Every customer should have an end-to-end experience that fits seamlessly into their busy life and reflects their unique preferences. By providing personalized experiences, customers feel valued, are more likely to continue to support your brand, and eventually become brand loyal.
  • Hire the Right People
    Your employees reflect your business, and ultimately, a customer’s journey starts with your staff. Companies with happy employees see an 81 percent higher customer satisfaction rate.  When your business establishes an effective recruitment strategy, a positive internal culture and defined customer experience can be created. What’s more, having an effective recruitment strategy will ensure that potential hires continue to reflect your brand and values. One negative interaction with an employee will likely drive a customer to a competitor, while creating the potential of a negative brand recognition.

With consumer expectations continuing to rise, it’s important that your business provides customer experiences that stand out. Prioritizing personalized customer experiences means leveraging innovative tactics and investing time into the people you hire, as well as the connections they foster. Don’t let strike outs in customer experience be the reason your organization can’t compete. See how our team can help!

Jackie Sciaudone

Author: Jackie Sciaudone

Jackie Sciaudone is a Marketing Associate at Stericycle Communication Solutions. She creates content, while focusing on digital strategy for social media platforms. Jackie is a graduate of Ball State University where she obtained a degree in Marketing. Her favorite pastimes include traveling, fashion, and all things golf-related.