By Kelsey Musick | Nov. 28, 2018

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Preparing and pre-planning for a death event is becoming more popular. By hosting events to help families pre-plan, you benefit not only your business and brand, but those facing the loss of a loved one. Funeral homes often offer events and seminars to assist families with understanding the funeral planning process. These sessions can help ease the burden of what to expect from the moment a loved one passes, to the funeral and burial event.

  1. Awareness. Inform the community about events and seminars. Unless people are made aware that you provide these sessions, they won’t know to show up. While no one wants to think about death planning, it’s important to know what’s involved. It’s your responsibility to send out emails and flyers, and to show your community you care, and are there to help answer tough questions.
  2. Reminders. Make sure you send out reminders letting people know these services are available. Timely and thoughtful reminders can help drive attendance and support your funeral home’s mission to provide better care to the families you serve. Text, phone, and email reminders let people know they have registered, and ensure they don’t forget.
  3. Interest. Capturing and maintaining interest in future events is essential. This can be done during events and seminars, or shortly thereafter. Ask questions to those attending. Find out how you can best serve them. This information can be also be gathered from a post-event text or email survey, and even through an online review.

Once you have created your loyal following of customers through the three steps listed above, ensure you are there for each one of them when their moment of need arises. A grieving family member should always encounter a compassionate and empathetic voice when calling your funeral home. Ensuring that someone is always available to answer your families’ important calls is critical to your business. Additionally, the communication partner in charge of answering your calls must seamlessly represent your brand while being both professional and compassionate.

Funeral homes that partner with an answering service can focus on the families they are actively helping while the families calling in are compassionately taken care of by your communications partner. Our highly-skilled agents are trained in a funeral home so that they can better understand the level of empathy and care needed. What’s more, they will stay on call until a director can be reached.

By leveraging a third-party answering service, you will have assurance that every call will be answered with empathy and reliability – 24/7/365. The right kind of answering service will not only do this, but will aid you in seminar management and manage appointment reminders.

Kelsey Musick

Author: Kelsey Musick

Kelsey Musick is a Marketing Associate for Stericycle Communication Solutions. She creates and edits content while finding new and inventive ways to market the Stericycle brand. She is a Purdue University graduate with a degree in English. In addition to writing, Kelsey enjoys attending theatre productions, reading, and traveling.