By Stericycle Staff | Apr. 01, 2016

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Our team spends a lot of time talking about integration. After all, when the health systems and hospitals we partner with want to deliver a self-scheduling experience that is as easy for clinical staff as it is for patients, integration is often the answer. We integrate with EHRs, practice management systems, and CRM and RCM solutions on a regular basis.

What has our integration with Stericycle – and the evolution of our Healthcare Technology team – meant for us? Many positive things, but a few that are really worth sharing:

  1. Stericycle Communication Solutions’ leadership really believes that technology is key to reinventing the patient experience. It’s why they invested – and continue to invest – in InQuicker and our sister technology, PatientPrompt.
  1. Our “rock star” approach to recruiting and retention will live on. Like the former InQuicker leadership team, Stericycle Communication Solutions hires right. They recruit bright, passionate, creative people and then position them to evolve our products and serve our partners in the best ways possible. (Two cheers for happy employees and best-in-class customer service!)
  1. The sky’s the limit. Across our evolving Healthcare Technology team, there’s the constant question: How can we deliver even better? How do we continue to innovate to assure our partners are always ahead of the curve? (Okay, so that’s two questions, but we’re thinkers and doers and sometimes it leads to over-delivery.) The answer is the same regardless: the sky’s the limit, because we’ve got the strength of Stericycle behind us.
Stericycle Staff

Author: Stericycle Staff

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