By Stericycle Staff | Dec. 15, 2015

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With a new year comes new opportunities for hospitals and health systems to continue to evolve into the patient-centric forms being called for by the government, the media and consumers alike. What does “healthcare consumerism” mean for providers, and how can your organization keep up?

The best way to appreciate this new model of healthcare requires thinking about how consumers (i.e. patients) research and purchase just about everything else in their lives. For example, think about how you, as a consumer, book a hair appointment or schedule maintenance for your car. Do you call? Chances are you don’t. Rather, you likely go online to the appropriate website and simply click the “schedule appointment” button. (And, if you’re like many consumers, if that button isn’t there, you search for another provider that has an online appointment-scheduling option.)

Why should healthcare be any different? As more research is being done, we’re learning that it shouldn’t be. According to a recent Think With Google study, researchers found that 64% of consumers comparison shop on your website and your competitor’s website. This means that if yours is missing that “schedule appointment” button and your competitor’s is not, you could be losing a lot of business. Another study conducted by Intuit found that 40% of patients would switch providers for online access, including online scheduling. This is no different than the hair appointment or car maintenance examples above! Without online self-scheduling, your health system risks losing up to HALF of prospective patients.

The InQuicker digital scheduling solution can help your hospital or health system be competitive. It’s easy to implement and easy to use and, most importantly, assures the healthcare services you provide are available when and how your patients want them.

Stericycle Staff

Author: Stericycle Staff

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