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October 10, 2019

The Impact of Patient Reviews

With consumerism on the rise, the healthcare industry has undergone a fundamental shift. What once was provider-focused, has now progressed to being patient-focused. Because of …

September 25, 2019

Capitalize On The Compassion Of Our Communication Services

Building a connection over the phone can be difficult, especially when you only have a few minutes. In the funeral home industry, building connection is …

May 21, 2019

10-Year Challenge: Healthcare Edition

A few months ago, the 10-Year Challenge was taking over social media. The popular posts involved people placing two photos side-by-side — one from 10 years ago and a current one.

February 20, 2019

Personalized Communication Matters for Customer Experience

Today, progressively more amounts of data are readily available to businesses and consumers now have more choices than ever, which means the competition for loyalty …

January 07, 2019

New Year, Same Commitment To Exceptional Customer Experiences

The new year is here. And with it, comes the opportunity to recommit to the quality of your customer experiences. Ensuring that customer experiences are …

December 03, 2018

4 Ways Millennials Impact the Healthcare World

Baby boomers were a hugely influential generation of their time, but the focus has since shifted to millennials. Millennials hold a lot of influence on …

October 01, 2018

4 Key Ways To Acquire New Patients

Competition for new patients is quickly escalating with the introduction of retail easy-to-connect clinics, telemedicine appointments, and freestanding Urgent Care clinics. But acquiring new patients …

August 27, 2018

Creating Customer Experiences That Count

You’ve probably heard the saying “the customer is always right” more times than you can count – but do you give that phrase the full …

August 09, 2018

Why Leverage a Communication Partner?

Looking to increase your revenue and customer loyalty? Outsourcing calls is just one way to accomplish this. Many businesses opt to manage communications in-house because …

August 07, 2018

3 Ways Technology Is Transforming the Nonprofit Industry

Technology has transformed the way people shop for clothes, pick stock options, and choose a movie. So, it’s no surprise that technology has impacted the …

June 05, 2018

4 Techniques to Boost Donor Acquisition & Fundraising Results

Fundraising as we know it has changed. With the rise of consumerism and more accessible technology, nonprofit organizations must now go to different levels to …

May 24, 2018

Improve Patient Accountability with These 3 Tips

In the United States, seven of the top 10 leading causes of death are chronic diseases. As a result, more healthcare providers are stressing the …