By Kelsey Musick | Sep. 25, 2019

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Building a connection over the phone can be difficult, especially when you only have a few minutes. In the funeral home industry, building connection is crucial, as you are dealing with grieving families. Your communication services must be compassionate and provide these families a shoulder to lean on in their time of need. Every call must be received with dedicated, empathetic support. Prepare your funeral home for these unpredictable occurrences with our compassionate, highly-trained agents and our cutting-edge answering service technology.

Our Agents

The need for empathetic human interaction is at an all-time high in this digital era. Our agents are not only compassionate, but professional, helping contribute to your funeral home’s success. Our agents are the heart of our organization, and our organization acts as an extension of yours. We serve your families while supporting your business, helping you to acquire, engage, and retain customers by creating personalized events and interactions that fit each individual’s needs.

Our Answering Service Technology

Amidst evolving expectations and developing technology, seamless telephone answering support is necessary when it comes to putting the grieving families first and making their needs priority. With our support, you will never miss a call again, your callers will never be sent to voicemail, and compassionate support will always be provided With our answering service technology, you can:

  • Ensure calls are always answered – 24/7/365
  • Customize call scripting to best reflect your brand
  • Reduce hold time and call abandonment rates
  • Allow your staff to focus on more critical tasks
  • Provide professional, multilingual support
  • Field, screen, and deliver urgent messages

In Conclusion

Understanding how a customer is feeling, and pacing the call accordingly, is a core component of the compassion that our agents are trained in. They have strong, empathetic interactions with customers, helping drive loyalty and long-term relationships with your funeral home. With a customer journey that reflects your brand and values, we create an experience that results in families feeling supported in their time of need.

Kelsey Musick

Author: Kelsey Musick

Kelsey Musick is a Marketing Associate for Stericycle Communication Solutions. She creates and edits content while finding new and inventive ways to market the Stericycle brand. She is a Purdue University graduate with a degree in English. In addition to writing, Kelsey enjoys attending theatre productions, reading, and traveling.