By Tasha Goodman | Nov. 05, 2018

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In this era of instant gratification, customers not only want quick and painless answers, they expect them. Running a small business and keeping up with phone calls can be exhausting and downright impossible 100 percent of the time. That’s where adding a third-party answering service can help add value to your business and time to your day – especially if you have less than 10 employees.

Here are four ways small businesses can benefit from answering services:

  1. Your customers, your brand first. Integrating your personalized script, values, and branding will elevate customer experiences and help build trust in your business. You can customize every step of the call and even modify it as needed to reflect changes or special promotions.
  2. Consistent, reliable service. An answering service means reliability when answering customers’ inquiries and responding to their needs. Customers enjoy quick, responsive service that is routed to the correct department, while you enjoy the peace of mind that your clients’ needs are always being met. There are no risks of calls being interrupted because of inclement weather, sick receptionists, or even after-hour phone closures. An answering service can help expand and improve your reputation.
  3. Increased efficiency, for everyone. It takes time to answer the phone, and it takes even more time to recover from the distraction of the call once it is over. In fact, the average employee spends two hours a day recovering from disturbances. An answering service dedicates time and resources to taking calls and giving you fewer interruptions throughout the workday. An answering service will not only save time for your customers, but for you, too. Customers can choose where their call is directed from a menu, but studies show customers actually prefer automated self-service systems. Wait time with an answering service is also reduced, which curbs frustration while increasing the likelihood of customers continuing a relationship with your business.
  4. More time to do what’s important. With an answering service in place, you can focus on why you opened your business in the first place. You can take care of more urgent matters, focus on growing your business, have more time for marketing and advertising, or even spend more quality time with family.

Answering services are not just a luxury for big business; there are affordable options that can work for you and help you respond to every customer in a personalized, brand-friendly way. Answering services provide many benefits and reduce the amount of stress on you and your employees. See tips on maximizing your answering service here. They offer a way to cut costs while giving your clients the same great, customized customer service they expect and deserve. Find out how Stericycle Communication Solutions can help your small business add an answering service.

Tasha Goodman

Author: Tasha Goodman

Tasha (short “a” like cash, apple or alligator) is a graphic designer at Stericycle Communication Solutions. She creates sales collateral, custom illustrations and thought leadership pieces. She resides in Indianapolis with her husband. Her favorite pastimes include managing her dog Ruby’s Instagram page, doing anything creative, traveling and trying to ‘Joanna Gaines’ her house as much as possible.