By Sarah Bennight | Sep. 25, 2019

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Ethan, Patient Advocate/Patient Experience Specialist.


Marketing services, class registration, and referral.


Ethan previously worked in the food service industry where he discovered his passion for delivering exceptional customer service.


North Richland Hills, Texas.

How long have you been an agent/advocate at Stericycle Communication Solutions?

I’ve been with Stericycle for six years and have come to really enjoy providing positive experiences and outcomes in customer support and services. The training I received was excellent and fully prepared me for the job. I’ve also seen significant opportunities for growth and development at the company.

What is your favorite thing about being an agent/advocate?

I really enjoy listening to feedback on how I can improve personally, and how I can improve the patient experience. I am also encouraged to share constructive feedback directly with our healthcare customers, so they can apply those learning to their own patient relationships.

How do you feel you improve the patient experience?

Number one is to listen closely, empathize and truly understand what they need so we can help them along. I’m proud of my positive attitude, as I believe they can sense my smile through the phone. That positivity lets them know the person at the other end of the phone is not just there for a paycheck; they truly care about their needs.

Can you recall a time where you made a big positive impact on a patient?

For one of our big healthcare networks in Florida a patient needed to find a doctor accommodate with physical challenges actually getting onto the doctor’s examination table. I took it upon myself to send a personal message to the network to apprise them of the situation, including detailed information on the patient’s specific needs. The client shared kudos with me regarding the level of help I provided as they were able to use that information to not only treat the patient but treat them with dignity.

How do you prepare yourself for the empathy needed in handling delicate call situations?

If you can’t empathize with the patient, you’re not going to give them a positive experience. I’m generally laid-back, so I don’t have an overly difficult time speaking with patients during delicate situations.

What would you tell someone who was considering becoming an agent/advocate?

If you have a passion for customer service and the heart for helping people, this is a great place to be. I consider any feedback a gift and an opportunity for improvement. If you’re able to accept feedback, you’ll be able to thrive here.

Can you give us one fun fact about yourself, or share something you enjoy in your personal time?

I love to bake and actually got an associate degree in pastry baking, but I discovered the business side of it wasn’t for me. But I still like to bake when I can.

Sarah Bennight

Author: Sarah Bennight

Sarah is a Marketing Strategist at Stericycle Communications Solutions aligning product marketing and content strategy for the enterprise healthcare market. With nearly 8 years of Health IT experience, she has had various roles working within product development, marketing, and sales teams to drive greater understanding of industry regulations and trends, market positioning, and the voice of the customer. You can follow Stericycle Communication Solutions at your favorite social media platform.