By Tasha Goodman | Jul. 10, 2018

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With more robust communication technology available and growing commonplace across other industries and businesses, donor journeys have changed. Today, donors expect the nonprofit organizations they support to make their journey as easy and as seamless as possible. And if your organization isn’t providing these four things, you could be risking donor loyalty:

  1. Compassionate telephone support
    Many donors will always prefer to interact with your organization on the phone. During peak calling times, are you leaving them waiting on hold for too long? Is your staff friendly and personable? Are the call menu instructions clear and direct? Ensuring every step of your caller experience is intuitive, convenient, and enjoyable is one key to creating happy, loyal donors.
  2. Easy to navigate website

    When deciding what organization to support, donors will go straight to your website. And there is nothing that halts donations in their tracks quicker than confusion upon reaching your website. Is it easy to navigate? Do you provide the key information they are looking for in a few clicks? Are your payments quick and secure? The right, user-focused web experience will fulfill all these needs and boost your cause’s visibility in the process.

  3. Convenient mobile engagement options
    More people than ever own a smartphone. In 2016, 17 percent of online transactions were made using a mobile device – a 21 percent year-over-year increase. Many of these people prefer to interact via text message. Do you have a strategy in place to interact with those who are on their phones? If yes, are your responses timely? Do they meet the needs of donors? By ensuring your donor experience exceeds the expectations of donors who prefer mobile interactions, you’ll enhance their loyalty to your cause for years to come.
  4. Create relationships, not just donors
    Like any other relationship, there should be multiple ways for donors to interact and communicate with your organization. Providing several communication channels for your donors to reach out by will help your relationships grow deeper. For example, email newsletters and engaging multi-media content can both promote upcoming donation events and foster lifetime donors. Are you utilizing social media to share your goals and milestones? If not, you should. This will let your donors see how their contributions are making a difference in real-time.

Boosting donor loyalty is a goal that can be both worthwhile and challenging. To learn more about how we help nonprofit organizations effectively foster donor loyalty and improve fundraising results, check out our service overview here.

Tasha Goodman

Author: Tasha Goodman

Tasha (short “a” like cash, apple or alligator) is a graphic designer at Stericycle Communication Solutions. She creates sales collateral, custom illustrations and thought leadership pieces. She resides in Indianapolis with her husband. Her favorite pastimes include managing her dog Ruby’s Instagram page, doing anything creative, traveling and trying to ‘Joanna Gaines’ her house as much as possible.