By Kelsey Musick | Aug. 22, 2019

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Llamas are load-bearing pack animals that are adaptable, persistent, and most importantly, great communicators – just like the agents of Stericycle Communication Solutions. Comparable to the llama mascot we adopted in February 2019, Viollet, our agents are trained to lighten your business load. Below, are three ways that they do it.

  1. Llamazing Communication Skills

    Just like our agents, llamas are outstanding communicators. Llamas communicate with gentle clucking, orgling and hums, as well as ear and tail movements. Like them, we have a wide variety of ways to reach your clients – personalized email, voice, and text reminders just being a few of them. Through these messaging outlets, we deliver engaging and flexible communications across all devices, communicating with your patients and customers in the way that best suits their personal needs.

    With our agents trained for empathy, patients and customers receive compassion and support when they need it most. People want meaningful and personalized interactions, and we aim to maximize the value of every interaction, ensuring the best experience each time.

  2. Hardy & Adaptable Capabilities

    Just like our agents, llamas are adaptable. Due to their thick coats, llamas can easily adapt to a variety of environments, helping them withstand cold, wind, snow, and rain. Llamas also have a high content of hemoglobin in their bloodstream, allowing them to adapt and live in oxygen-poor, high-altitude environments. Our agents mirror this adaptability by always meeting patient and customer expectations, acclimating to their wants and needs.

    Our agents provide human connection, a crucial factor that is easily over-looked in call center environments. Most people desire to speak with another person, as opposed to an automated messaging system, regardless of the hour they call. We adapt to any script you give us and are always available – 24/7/365. If your call center is overloaded, our agents can bear that burden.

  3. Persistent & Quick Tendencies

    Llamas embody persistent and quick tendencies, with the capability of running up to 35 mph and carrying 50 to 75 pounds up to 20 miles. These tendencies make the domesticated pack animal durable and dependable, no matter the terrain.

    Our agents are quick to answer your calls, and just as quick to direct your calls to where they need to go, or otherwise taking down a message. Our agents persistently reach out to your patients or customers so that they can stay connected to your organization while receiving the reminders they need to ensure appointments and classes aren’t missed.

Once upon a time, calls made outside of regular business hours were received by answering machines or voicemails, rather than an actual human being. Nothing about it exhibited adaptable or persistent qualities, and it definitely didn’t display good communication skills. But with the help of our agents, you get all those qualities and skills in one, gentle bundle of woolly fleece.

Kelsey Musick

Author: Kelsey Musick

Kelsey Musick is a Marketing Associate for Stericycle Communication Solutions. She creates and edits content while finding new and inventive ways to market the Stericycle brand. She is a Purdue University graduate with a degree in English. In addition to writing, Kelsey enjoys attending theatre productions, reading, and traveling.