By Jackie Sciaudone | Sep. 24, 2018

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We live in a time where people want prompt answers to their questions. Utilizing a legal answering service within your law firm can eliminate the delay that clients would typically have to deal with while seeking answers. However, there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding legal answering services that stop law firms from outsourcing them. Law firms often believe clients dislike the idea of speaking with call center agents. Despite this misconception, the answering service industry helps thousands of firms grow and succeed every year. Below, we’ve debunked four myths about legal answering services.

Myth 1: Clients Dislike Them

The truth is, clients want their questions answered by a live voice, regardless if it’s in-house staff or an answering service. About 67 percent of clients get frustrated and hang up when they can’t speak with a real person. Being sent to voicemail makes clients think their questions and concerns are not being properly valued or managed. An answering service eliminates this problem and helps your clients feel like their needs are being met. Enlisting the support of the right legal answering service is beneficial because it illustrates your firm cares enough about its clients to ensure they can always reach a live person, no matter when they might call.  

Myth 2: Lack of Industry Knowledge

Call center agents are trained to use scripts provided by your firm in order to assist clients accurately and efficiently. About 69 percent of clients say they chose not to do business with a company due to their lack of phone skills. But with a legal intake service, call center agents go through rigorous training on the legal terminology and practices. What’s more, training doesn’t stop. It’s continual, frequent, and robust to ensure that your clients are always taken care of in a professional manner. Chances are, clients won’t even realize that they aren’t speaking with someone directly from your firm.

Myth 3: Lack of Personalized Experience

Many firms fear that hiring an answering service will remove personalization from their client experiences — but it’s quite the opposite. About 70 percent of buying experiences are based on how a customer feels they are being treated. Therefore, answering services are tailored to your firm so that you never have to worry. The right legal answering service is dedicated to answering your firm’s calls, which means that the call center agents are devoted to creating a personalized phone experience for your callers. They will know exactly what to say per your requested customized script, so all their focus will be on nurturing your clients.

Partnering with a legal answering service means that your clients are put first every time. Many of the reasons that people believe a legal answering service isn’t right for them are based on simple misconceptions. Legal answering services provide many benefits and can help you manage incoming calls, provide better customer service, and reduce the amount of stress on you and your employees. See how our team can help!

Jackie Sciaudone

Author: Jackie Sciaudone

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