By Jackie Sciaudone | Sep. 12, 2018

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Many businesses are utilizing answering services to provide better customer experiences. But in today’s technological world, it takes more than a voice delivering a pleasant greeting to satisfy customer service expectations. Receptionists need to be trained to answer any questions about your business and the services you provide. Outlined below are three ways your business can benefit from the right answering service.

  • Be Cost Efficient As a small business owner, you know that time is money, and an in-house answering service can break the bank. Recruiting and hiring additional staff can not only be a stressful and difficult task, but a costly one. With outsourcing an answering service, you can reduce the operating costs of your business. What’s more, the right kind of answering service will charge based on your usage. Beyond that, there’s no need to pay for sick time, vacations, benefits, or salary — which can add up quickly in cost. Plus, the savings that come from an answering service can help improve your bottom line, all while increasing the efficiency and productivity of your business.
  • Redirect Your Focus It can be difficult for any size company to handle its call volume, but it can be especially tough for a small business to manage. With multiple employees wearing several hats, responsibilities are often a team effort. The last thing you want to do is dedicate time toward answering telephones, and yet it’s something that can’t be ignored. With the right phone answering service, calls are answered professionally and efficiently. Agents can filter important information to the correct people and answer frequently-asked questions. Taking away the tedious and time-consuming task of answering phones can allow your team to focus on more important responsibilities.
  • Improve Customer Service Even in a small business, every aspect means a lot – including phone calls. If there’s a long delay in answering a call, or an interruption while speaking with a customer – whether it’s background noise or other distractions – it may portray an unprofessional image. In fact, customers report waiting 10-20 minutes on hold with companies each day, which adds up to a whopping 13 hours a year. With an automated answering service, your customers won’t have to wait. This reduces frustration and ensures calls are handled quickly and efficiently.

Partnering with a top answering service is a smart move for any small business; and finding the right team can make a big impact. Your business will benefit from being more cost efficient, having more time to focus on what matters, and improving their customer service — and all of this becomes easier with the addition of the right answering service. See how our team can help.

Jackie Sciaudone

Author: Jackie Sciaudone

Jackie Sciaudone is a Marketing Associate at Stericycle Communication Solutions. She creates content, while focusing on digital strategy for social media platforms. Jackie is a graduate of Ball State University where she obtained a degree in Marketing. Her favorite pastimes include traveling, fashion, and all things golf-related.