By Stericycle Staff | Dec. 01, 2016

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It feels like just yesterday we were talking about 2016 being the year of the digital health boom and EHR/patient portal adoption, and in hindsight, we hit the nail on the head. This year we saw HIPAA secure texting become available, 50% of large hospitals switch their EHRs, and a big push towards mobile healthcare (mHealth).

2017 is right around the corner, and we’re betting that it’ll be known as the year of texting. Here’s why:

  • As we focus on value-based care versus volume-based care, it is important to make sure patients understand their health needs outside of the office. Automated patient communications sent via text help to make this simple and streamlined.
  • 85% of patients would welcome digital appointment reminders, medication reminders, and general health tips. It’s time to start reaching patients where they want to be reached – on their cell phones.
  • Texting isn’t just for millennials. Today, 76% of seniors are using cell phones. That’s more than ever before.
  • Virtually everyone has a cell phone, making texting an effective way to reach at-risk populations. With a greater focus on population health initiatives in 2017, texting could be the key to communicating with a diverse group of patients.
  • In 2017, personalized medicine will be critical in order to stand out– and texting offers the perfect opportunity for this. More than half of cell phone owners check their phones several times an hour, and a text message is typically read within 3 minutes of receipt, making it the ultimate communication tool.
  • In a recent survey of providers, 64% said they would prefer to contact someone virtually rather than pick up the phone and call.

Don’t be the last to jump on the texting bandwagon in 2017. Find out more about what the PatientPrompt automated communication solution can do for you and your practice’s texting game in the New Year.

Stericycle Staff

Author: Stericycle Staff

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