By Stericycle Staff | Jul. 25, 2014

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When a potential or existing customer reaches out, your business’ accessibility (or lack thereof) has a tangible impact on your bottom line.

While this concept is simple to understand, executing superior answering services internally can be easier said than done. In many instances, existing staff are busy or dedicated to other tasks, hiring administrative staff can be costly and inflexible, hours of operation are limited, and so on.

Outsourcing your business’ answering services is often a cost-effective, flexible approach to maximizing contact with your customers and boosting your company’s efficiency.

While the possible solutions for outsourced answering services are endless, we’ve identified the top 10 things you may not have known businesses are using answering services for:

1. Custom Reception

One of the most popular answering services—virtual receptionist—is also the most seemingly straightforward. Outsourcing your business’ reception services frees you from the cost and inflexibility of hiring administrative staff. Customer Experience Experts become an extension of your company, assuming your company’s image using customized call-handling protocols and ensuring that your business never misses a valuable call.

2. Appointment Setting

Quality answering services offer a shared scheduling platform that allows call experts to book appointments on your behalf. Real-time notifications of bookings and appointment changes are delivered straight to you, and the shared environment allows you and your staff to manage your schedules effectively.

3. Customer Service Support

Professional customer service and support elevates your brand and opportunities for sales exist in every interaction with a customer. When handled by a call expert, a request for more information or a simple question about your product or service can result in an initial (or even additional) sale. The satisfaction a customer has after a pleasant telephone conversation with a Customer Experience Expert acting on behalf of your business builds loyalty, helping to drive repeat business and grow your bottom line.

4. Order Entry

Depending upon the scale of your business, order entry can require a great deal of infrastructure to ensure that orders are processed accurately and on time. Tasking outsourced answering services with order entry is often the most cost-effective way to build this infrastructure. Qualified and specially trained staff use custom scripts, screens, your website and CRM to become an extension of your company.

5. Technical Help Desk

Offering effective technical support is essential to providing your customers with superior service. Call experts at trusted answering services are trained extensively on your products so that when customers call for technical assistance, the team is ready to help with friendly, knowledgeable responses.

6. Live Web Chat Support Services

In this day and age, answering services extend well beyond the telephone. More people than ever make their purchases online, and live chats are a great way to encourage your website’s visitors to engage with you. If you don’t have quick, easy and efficient channels for visitors to contact you in real time, you could be missing valuable sales opportunities and wasting the traffic you work so hard to bring to your site.

7. Email Response

As a member of the modern workforce, you’re likely all too aware of how time-consuming it can be to read and respond to emails in a timely manner. Savvy businesses are increasingly putting outsourced email response to work to answer common questions and general inquiries. Quality answering services offer a professional, highly customized solution as part of a suite of answering services.

8. Language Option

The business community is becoming increasingly cosmopolitan with mother tongues from around the globe. To create lasting relationships, businesses must have the capability to communicate with customers in a language they understand. A professional call center will provide multilingual service, so your customers can be comfortable knowing that their call will be answered efficiently by someone who not only understands their business needs, but their language as well. Many may even view this as a value-added aspect of doing business with you—a reason to partner with you instead of your competitor.

9. 24/7 Availability

Often, doing business with a business means that you connect to people and groups in various time zones. Depending on the business, nine-to-five coverage may not be enough. When you outsource your telephone answering services to a call center, your calls are answered 24/7/365. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night your partners try to connect with you; you’re covered around the clock.

10. No Need for Voicemail

When your business customer calls you with a problem or a question, there may be an entire factory waiting on the outcome of the call. Or, even worse, a boardroom full of executives may be on hold for information only you can provide. With so much riding on every phone call, you can’t afford to let calls go to voicemail or be held in a queue. Contracting with a professional telephone answering service means that your calls will never be routed to voicemail again. Experts will connect the caller with the most appropriate person from your business to deal with the issue at hand.

Our Answering Services

Our Call Experts are trained to represent you in the most efficient and professional manner possible. They understand your customers, and they understand your business. These 10 reasons alone are enough to know that partnering with a call center can improve your business and keep your business clients happy.

To learn more contact us today about how we can help you to improve your accessibility, customer service and efficiency.

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